Tool Rental Near Me

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Tool Rental Near Me

Imagine if the tools you need are already in your neighbourhood. Someone else has made the capital outlay, and now they’re willing to lend them to you for a small fee. All you need to do is find them. If you’ve ever searched for “Tool Rental Near Me”, chances are you’ve been served a list of high street commercial enterprises where the cost of rental is a significant percentage of the cost of purchase. I might as well buy it myself, you may have thought. That’s where MyShed, the DIY and gardening tool hire app can help.

Reduce DIY and Landscaping Costs

DIY and garden maintenance can be expensive, even though you’re trying to contain costs by doing it yourself. One simple way to reduce your building, home improvement or landscaping expenditure is to hire tools rather than buy them. There’s also the convenience factor of not having to find a storage home for specialist equipment, as well as the immediacy of neighbourhood access.

The MyShed DIY Tool Hire App

Simplicity, value and convenience. Use our DIY and gardening tool hire app to simplify any project requiring a tool to implement, from sanders to saws, drills to drain rods, hedge clippers to hoists.


  • Blow your budget on new or second hand items likely to have a limited use
  • Find storage space for an every-growing repertoire of odd-job tools
  • Invest in lifetime ownership of specialist tools for one-off projects
  • Waste time searching your city for specialist stock


  • Source everyday essential tools from your local community – just like borrowing from your neighbour
  • Save money by hiring tools you know will work (or your money back)
  • Enjoy the convenience and immediacy of neighbourhood access
  • Agree to borrow tools at a time convenient to you

How Do I Find Tool Rental Near Me?

Download the free MyShed app and browse the available Sheds or search for a specific Tool. Use the Book Now button to select your required dates, pay securely on the app via credit card and use the app’s private chat facility to arrange collection. Simple.

Information about booking tools, payments and collections can be found in our FAQs, or alternatively feel free to Contact Us.

And of course if you’ve got tools of your own, why not hire out your tools too?

Download the MyShed App now!

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